Our commercial barriers are an excellent visual deterrent in addition to their physical properties. Easy to operate manually or available as an automatic barrier. Our security barriers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your business and they are suitable for a wide range of business types, from car parks to industrial centres and much more. Available across Newcastle, Durham and the North East.

Automation and security supplies and installs a range of arm barrier systems suitable for use in car parks as a solution to traffic management problems. Car park barriers are the most common method of managing traffic flow and parking in busy or sensitive areas. We can specify a high quality range of car park barrier systems to suit all types of applications, from private to commercial including public car parks. It is important to understand that car parking barriers are primarily designed to control traffic flow i.e. in and out of a car park and not necessarily to provide security. If high level security is the goal - then one should consider other options such as swing or sliding steel gates, automatic rising bollards or rising kerbs which are specifically designed to withstand a certain level of vehicle impact. Perhaps your workplace is falling] victim to shoppers looking for a convenient parking space? Parking Barriers are extremely reliable and can create an invaluable deterrent outside of your commercial property.

Traffic management is growing requirement both in commercial applications such as office complexes with dedicated car park spaces and traffic flow implications and increasing, new build and renovated domestic applications requiring secure parking, such as housing complexes and shared access dwellings. Automation and security can provide technical advice and quotations for Barriers, Rising Bollards, Traffic Lights and Car Parking Systems.


When providing perimeter protection to government infrastructure or high profile areas: quality assurance is of paramount importance. Our entire range of designed and developed high security vehicle barriers are vigorously tested using the latest British and American security standards.

Automation and Security was the first company to design and successfully test a high security bollard with a 7,500kg truck at 50mph. A&S also redefined the meaning of shallow with their ground breaking shallow mount technology allowing high security barrier installation with as little as 112 mm foundation depth. Innovative products and cutting edge engineering is Automation and Security's Access's passion and the company has become a market leader in a variety of different technologies and security solutions through the North East and UK.

Automatic Rising Arm Barriers supplied and installed by Automation and Security are designed to offer long term reliability, durability and efficient operation. They incorporate an integral inverter driven motor and gearbox providing a smooth consistent operation using single phase power. Automatic Barriers are controlled by a Programmable Logic Controller, which can be programmed to suit most clients' requirements. All versions of our Automated Barriers are CE approved and are 100% continuous duty cycle rated.

Whether your barrier is for domestic use or commercial, an automatic barrier will offer security and a reliable controlled flow of traffic. If a larger span barrier is required, Automation and Security is able to offer heavy duty versions capable of raising and lowering a pole length of up to 9 metres. The standard finish of the polyester powder coated product is red / white or yellow / black, but all colours are available on request.

All of our automated products can utilise existing site access control systems or a purpose designed system to suit your exact requirements, whether it be a simple hand held transmitter, intercom communication or a more complex pc managed access control system. Please contact us for further information.


Automation and Security supply a range of counter terrorism gates and bollards PAS6. Please contact the office directly to find out more information on these types of gates and bollards - Ideal for Airports, Ports, City centres, and other commercial places. Automation and Security are approved installers for the PAS68 anti-terrorism gates and bollards. If you would like to view how strong these PAS68's are visit and type in PAS68 view some of the videos to see a truck at speed going in to a PAS68 the impact is astonishing
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